2015: My Year Running

2015: My Year Running

My year in running

Well here we are with less than 10 days to go before the start of 2016 and I thought I’d do a little recap on how I ran in 2015.

In all I ran 11 races, with my first in February for the Winslow 10k. This was a fun community race and a nice start to my racing year.

However, for the first two months of the year my main thoughts were on training for Vertical Rush, a skyscraper challenge race where I ran up 42 flights of stairs in less than 10 minutes. A very crazy event but one that had some great support through Women’s Running magazine with a training day thrown in.

Chalgrove 10k Photo by Barry Cornelius
Photo by Barry Cornelius, oxonraces.com

My second 10k race was Chalgrove Festival where I got my PB of 56 mins 2 seconds, despite the heat of the day.

My next two races were 10ks, Women’s Running Finsbury Park which I ran with my mum and Stowe Triathlon and Run which I ran with both my mum and dad. The first was a great race, the second a difficult one as the course was more than 10k by about a mile and a half.

After that I ran my only official 5k race of the year at Waddesdon. This was my target race to get myself a PB, which I’m pleased to say I did with a time of 26 minutes 36 seconds. Although I’ve ran a few 5k parkruns since then I’ve not got close to that time, something I might work on next year.

Trailffest banner

The Bearbrook 10k was my next race but my real focus was on training for Trailffest, my first trail half marathon. To be honest I’d been planning for this race ever since I signed up in January! It was a fantastic race, stunningly beautiful and very friendly. And I might just sign up again next year.

Then followed two more races with my mum, Run with the Girls 10k and Ricky Road Run 10 mile. Both were PB races for my mum. The 10k race saw her achieve a time of 1:02:49, even though we were taking it easy. The Ricky Road Run was her first ever 10 mile run, let alone 10 mile race. And it was finishing this race that made her want to sign up for her first half marathon in 2016.

Vegan Runners Virtual Race medal

My final race of the year was the Vegan Runners Virtual Race. This was fun for two reasons, it was my first ever virtual race and it was my first race as an organiser.

Apart from all the races my main running achievement for 2015 was qualifying as a Leader in Running Fitness with British Athletics and successfully leading a start to run group from 0k to 5k in seven weeks.

How was your year in running? Any particular achievements that stand out? Anything that you did that you wouldn’t do again?


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  • Patty

    Congrats on a GREAT year!

    • Thank you!

      Patty, do you have a blog? It’s not on your Disqus profile!

      • Ha! Yes- and it does now. Thanks for the heads up!

  • The vertical rush sounds so cool and I have to find out about the vegan virtual how fun!

    • Both were really fun.

      With the Vertical Rush I had no idea what to expect but I was on the stair machine at the gym a lot!

  • Ooh, that vertical rush race sounds like a blast! Sounds like you had some great races this year. (And you have to love a race that is a lot longer than you expect…)

    • They were really good. I’m not sure we really loved the race that was too long, my mum was certainly cursing it as she’d never ran further than a 10k.

  • Lacey@fairytalesandfitness

    Congratulations on your races. 42 flight of stairs? Makes me tired just reading that! Great job!

    • Thank you. It was tiring but really fun. I’m glad I did it as part of a team as we had such good support from Women’s Running and the training day really preped me for it.

  • sounds like such a fabulous year! congratulations on organizing your virtual race as well 🙂

    • Thanks. I really enjoyed organising the race and reading about everyone’s runs afterwards.

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