Bournemouth training: Week 2

Bournemouth training: Week 2

Training for the Bournemouth Marathon

This was the first week running early on a Monday morning. I’ve decided that rather than running first thing, which I find quite difficult, I will drive to my office job and run from there. As these Monday runs are going to be my speed or strength run I need to make sure I’m more awake and have had a chance to get moving a bit and having that extra hour before running makes a difference!

However, my first week didn’t work out exactly how I wanted. There were roadworks on my route and I was stuck in traffic for 25 minutes, arriving later than I wanted to, although with just about enough time for my run. I had planned to run for 30 minutes with 10 minutes of Fartlek running in the middle. I managed to run for exactly 3 miles in 29:34. However, being delayed in the traffic meant I didn’t have time to change before I was due to start work and had to sit at my desk rather hot and sweaty for 20 minutes before I had a chance to change. Eughhh.

I also had a practical coaching course on Monday evening which was meant I was on my feet for 2 hours having a bit too much fun with coaches from different sports. I got some great ideas for my coaching sessions which I’ll be trying soon.

Wednesday was my early morning yoga, followed by my evening beginners group. It was a bit drizzly and overcast by the evening but there was still a good turn out. I’m really impressed by the dedication of these runners!

Thursday was the final day of my 8 week beginners and improvers courses. A few people were on holiday and it turned out to be an all women beginners group. We were supposed to run for 28 minutes but it ended up a minute and a half longer. They all did really well keeping going, especially towards the end which was a bit uphill. For the improvers we ran up one of the bigger hills to practise our hill technique, and just enjoy the challenge.

Selfie in a field

My long run was on Sunday in the sunshine. I ran for 5 miles on trail, which included some big hills and thigh high grass. It was great to be outside on my favourite trails again. Most of my long runs will be on road as Bournemouth is a road race but I will still get out on the trails when I can, especially for the hill work!

How was you week running?

This weekly round up is part of the link up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.


    Hey Coach! Well done on a great week of training, although yes, sitting at desk sweaty must not have felt very nice! Lol! I am looking forward to my comeback run tomorrow x

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m really looking forward to reading about your comeback run! Just remember to not get too enthusiastic and keep a nice easy pace.

  • Kimberly

    Great week of training! So impressed that you run a lot of hills. I’m just starting to incorporate hill repeats into my long runs this training cycle and its so hard!
    Thanks for linking up for the weekly wrap!

    • It’s hard not to run hills near me but the best bit is always the run down!

      It definitely makes running on the flat feel like less effort!

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