Bournemouth Training: Week 7 and 8

Bournemouth Training: Week 7 and 8

Training for the Bournemouth Marathon

It’s a double feature today as I didn’t have time to do my update last week! And looking at the past fortnight I can say I had some good runs sandwiched between two not great runs.

Week 7 started off with a Monday morning speed session and I really wasn’t feeling it. I got up and got out for a Fartlek run but my legs felt heavy and it was a real struggle to keep going. But I did it and spent the rest of the day glad I’d dragged myself out of the door!

Wednesday and Thursday were my usual running groups which I always enjoy.

But my favourite run of the week was my Saturday long run which I ran with my mum. I’d had to go to London on the Friday night for a work event and stayed the night at my parents fully prepared for the longest run I have done so far – 15 miles! My mum had planned a great route taking in four commons – Clapham, Wandsworth, Tooting and Streatham – and ending up in Vegan Sweet Tooth’s pop up vegan cafe in the garden of a pub. The weather wasn’t great, we were running in light drizzle for most of the time, but it was really good to be running with my mum around some of the fantastic green spaces of London.

A path through Wandsworth Common
Wandsworth Common

Surprisingly, although I spent the whole run talking about the cake I was going to eat when we got to the cafe (Vegan Sweet Tooth makes some of the best cakes in London) by the time we got there it was all about the savoury! I had a very nice aubergine and tomato tart with salad and was too full to eat any cake. Luckily he does take aways so I had my cherry and chocolate cake for home.

After an intensive week the following week was planned as a recovery week and I decided to skip my Monday speed session. My legs were still feeling the 15 miles and I just wanted to take it easy again. So my first run was with my Wednesday group where I am sneakily increasing the time we run little by little. This week we ran for 26 minutes, which was a great achievement as it was a really humid evening (I think high humidity is the hardest weather to run in!).

My Thursday group runners on the trail
My Thursday group runners on the trail

For my Thursday night group I took them on a new route which involved a little bit of cross country running which we’ve not done before as a group. I was a bit worried that it would very muddy after a heavy rain storm over night but it wasn’t too bad.

My final run was on Sunday, a cut back run of 10 miles, and my other bad run of the fortnight. My legs were feeling heavy and clumpy and I spent half the run feeling that I needed the toilet. I started off running 11 minute miles and ended the last two miles at 13.5 minute miles. I realised half way through the run that for some reason I didn’t do my warm up before I started my run. I’m usually so particular about doing a warm up, I just don’t know why I didn’t this morning, and I don’t know if that contributed to how clumpy I felt. But I won’t be missing my warm up again!!

How was your week running? Do you have a warm up routine?

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  • It sounds like your Mum planned a very nice long run! I’m glad you were able to at least take the cake home to eat since thinking about it got you through those miles. I don’t spend a lot of time warming up but do some high marching steps and back/side kicks as I make my way to the mailbox to start my run. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m weird!

    • I have an alleyway I often walk down to do my odder warm ups so I’m not doing them in front of neighbours houses!

  • I should have a warm up routine but sadly I don’t. My cool down is not much either. It’s usually just a very short walk.

  • I used to do warm ups way back when but have not lately. Maybe I should. Hope your runs this week go a little better

  • I got in the habit of doing dynamic warm-ups last fall (working with a coach). It made a huge difference in not “wasting” the first couple of miles “warming up” as I ran. That is so great you could run all those miles with your mum 😉

  • That’s so nice that you got to run with your mom. Chatting bout a post-run cake is something i would do.

    I don’t warm up.I should but never want to spare the time.

    Thanks for linking up.

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