Train with me
I am a UK Athletics qualified running coach and I love helping people reach their running goals.

Whether you want to run faster, further or stronger; whether you are running your first 5k or 50th marathon; whether you are just starting to run, returning from injury, or have been running for years, I am here to help.

“I was training for my first marathon and I had worries I wouldn’t be able to run the distance, but with Nicola’s encouragement and her obvious enjoyment of running and coaching I completed the marathon and may even train for another.” – Anne, marathon runner 2017


I offer online running coaching for those of you who cannot make face to face sessions; in person one to one or small group sessions in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire; and individual training plans that work for you. Take a look at my online running coaching packages to find out how online coaching can work for you or contact me now to set up a phone consultation and see how quickly you can improve.

Nicola's plan worked wonders for me and over the course of my marathon training, I noticed my long slow run gradually speed up by 30 second per mile compared with my previous pace - Aisling, marathon runner