Footnotes for February

Footnotes for February

A few things that have caught my eye this month.


Go on Alpro yogurts

I’ve still not found the Koko yogurts that I mentioned last month but I have found these new Alpro Go On soya yogurts. It’s an alternative to strained yogurt so it’s much thicker than their big pots and has fruit at the bottom. So far I have tried the mango one and it was rather tasty.

It’s nice to have some new varieties to try.


A couple of posts that I enjoyed reading this month.

Alina from Vegan Runner Eats on 10 reasons she will always be vegan (and I agree with a lot of them!)

Meranda from Fairytales and Fitness shares the way her physical therapist showed her how to tie her shoelaces. I’ll be trying this out when I’m back running again, especially as I’ve been told I need a more supportive trainer.

Deborah from Confessions of a Mother Runner wrote a nice two part piece on ageless running which can be read here and here.


We entered the 21st century this month and got a new TV which is connected to the internet and comes with Netflix. A very dangerous thing, given that I’m injured and it’s cold outside. So I’ve been watching new series, old series and starting off series from the beginning that I’ve only watched from halfway through before, including Parks and Recreation, Downton Abbey and Orange is the New Black.


The second part of the Food Programme mini series on food and running was broadcast this month. It has an interview with Scott Jurek and can be listened to online via the BBC website. I believe part one is still available if you missed it.

Did you try anything new in February?

Do you have any Netflix recommendations?

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  • Thanks so much for sharing my posts! I have been obsessed with cara cara oranges this month and I am secretly excited to watch fuller house on netflix.

    • I had to look up what cara cara oranges are as I’ve never seen them in the UK. We have blood oranges but not the cara cara ones.

      I love things that you can only eat during certain months. I’m a bit like that with asparagus!

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