Goals for 2016 – May catch up

Goals for 2016 – May catch up

Goals 2016 - May Catch up

Back in January I set myself 4 goals for 2016. Now we are a third of the way through the year I thought I’d check in and see how I’ve progressed.

10k time

I set myself a target of running a 10k in under 55 minutes. I had a target race planned in March which was going to be my first attempt at getting my time goal.

As regular readers will know about two weeks into my training plan I got an injury which meant I missed that target race and didn’t do much running at all for the first three months of the year. I would still like to aim for a sub 55 minute 10k but this goal is going to go on the back burner until I’m fully recovered and indeed might have to be a goal for 2017.


Well I’ve done my three taught days of the UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness award (and you can read my initial thoughts here). I’ve planned and delivered my first coached session, delivered an assessment session, and have got some good feedback from my support coach. Over the summer I will be working on individual plans for at least three runners and some more group coaching sessions.

There are areas that I still need to develop but I’m really enjoying it so far.

I’ve also attended two separate sessions that England Athletics and Project 500 ran in March for International Women’s Day. One was on the psychology of coaching and was a great networking opportunity as I met lots of other women coaches in different sports. The other was on delivering an effective warm up. Both sessions have really helped with my coaching and I’ll definitely be looking for more learning opportunities outside of the CiRF course.

Half Marathon

Later this month I’m running a half marathon with my mum. It’s her first half and my goal for this was to help her with her training so she crosses the finish line with a smile. I’ve been using what I have learnt on the coaching course to work on her running technique and help build up her endurance. So far she’s doing really well and is even running up hills rather than walking them.

However, after my injury I’m a bit concerned about my ability to finish with a smile. After my 8 mile run last week I feel more confident that I will be able to run it and am now doing all I can to make sure I stay on  track.


At the start of the year I pledged with my mum to raise £1000 for brain tumour research as part of the Dr Hadwen Trust’s Grand Challenge. So far we have organised a virtual race for the end of May, which you can sign up for here, and we have some sponsorship of our half marathon race.

The Grand Challenge

I have also been given permission by Melissa Fehr to use her armband pattern to make running armbands to sell to help with the fundraising. I shall start sewing them shortly and there will be a post about how to get one once I have made a few.

So for this goal I feel that I have made a good start but the results of the fundraising so far won’t be seen until June.

New Goals

As goals should always be looked at, revised and changed if necessary I do have two new goals to add.

Work on my running fundamentals

This is something I have learned about through my coaching course. In order to be a better runner and to prevent injury you have to work at your fundamentals. The fundamentals aren’t just for new runners or for those who are injured. Fundamentals are something that should be worked on throughout your running life.

So what are they?

Really I am talking about the ABCs, that is Agility, Balance and Co-ordination. These three things will help you to become a better runner and it is something I’ve never worked on. I think most people who start running as adults miss out on working on the fundamentals. So now that I’m running again after my injury I have started to build these into my warm up routines and my new goal is to get into a habit of working on these fundamentals at least once a week.


I’d like to improve my overall strength which is something that will also improve my ability to run faster and run further. At the moment I’m quite vague on what my strength goal would be. Do I want to measure it by how much I can lift, do I want to measure it on my strength endurance or in some other way? This is a goal that will wait until after I finish my half marathon but I’m going to start thinking about it now.

How are you getting on with your goals? Have they changed since the beginning of the year?

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