Goals for 2017

Goals for 2017

Goals for 2017

I’ve been a bit slow working out my goals for 2017, I feel that this post should have been written at least two weeks ago! But I’ve finally made up my mind what I want to do.

But before I go on to 2017, let’s look at how well I did for my 2016 goals.

2016 Goals

I thought my goals for 2016 were quite modest, however they proved harder than I thought!

First up, was my 10k time. I aimed to get my PB down to under 55 minutes, having got a PB of 56:03 in 2015. I had a training plan and a target race but unfortunately this all went out the window when I was injured and diagnosed with plantar fasciitis! This lead to me not running for about 3 months and being a bit wary of putting a speed goal down for 2017!

Coaching. Working with beginner runners at my club made me wanted to become a qualified coach. I’m pleased to say this was achieved when I passed my Coach in Running Fitness assessment in October.

My mum’s half marathon I wanted to support my mum as she trained for her first half marathon. I think I can say this goal was achieved as after running our May race my mum said she wanted to run another!

Fundraising I wanted to raised £1000 for the Dr Hadwen Trust. I didn’t quite make the target, instead raising just under £700. I’m still pleased with the amount.

2017 Goals

So what about this year?

As I said I am wary of putting a speed goal down as I don’t want to injure myself again. However, through the work I did on my coaching course I can now see that my injury was brought about by doing too much, too quickly and that the training plan I chose was just not one for me! Just shows you that you do have to chose your plans wisely and that magazine ‘cookie cutter’ plans aren’t necessarily the best plan for you!

Having said that I do want to improve my cardio vascular fitness and working on speed is a good way to do that so although I won’t have a goal to get a faster time I will be doing speed work as part of my training. I also want to run a marathon in 2018 so it makes sense to spend 2017 building my base fitness. And with all this I also have to work out how to fit my own training in between my work with my running groups and coaching clients. So taking all this into consideration I have decided my 2017 goals will be:

Endurance Build up my ability to run longer distances with a plan to be in good shape for a marathon next year. I have ran a few half marathons and I have booked to run the Richmond Half with my mum March. After March I will start increasing my long runs so by the end of the year I will have run routes of up to 20 miles at a time. This will put me in good shape for a 2018 marathon.

#Run1000Miles This is a year long challenge with Trail Running Magazine and fits in well with my endurance goal. It’s a simple goal, to run 1000 miles by the end of 2017.

Get Stronger One thing about qualifying as a coach is that I have become more critical of my running, which is a good thing and will hopefully stop me from injuring myself again. When I was training for the Barns Green half marathon last year I noticed that I got aches on my left side when running over 8 miles so at the end of the year I started to work building my strength using the Quick Strength for Runners book by Jeff Horowitz which has really helped. So in 2017 I plan to do at least one strength workout per week, starting off by following the plan in Quick Strength for Runners, and then maybe moving on to something else. I might do more than one session per week but it is a good start.

Trail Racing I love trail running but haven’t done that many trail races. So this year I would like to do some shorter distance trail races (up to 10k) in my local area.

Coaching and Group goals 2017 is off to a good start for my coaching. I have two people I am coaching for target races in the spring, have set up a new start to run group and have plans to lead my first guided run on local trails next month. My goals for coaching would be to finish the year having successfully coached my runners to their goals, got more people running regularly through my start to run groups and introduced more people to the adventures that can be had by running off road. I also have a goal of doing all this whilst not neglecting my own running goals!

I’m really looking forward to working on my 2017 goals and think they will build a good base for my 2018 goals. Nothing like planning long term when you have big running goals!

What are you goals for 2017 and how did you do for 2016?

Have you got any longer term running goals?

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  1. I really like long-term goal planning when it comes to running. I know someone who just started running last summer and plans to run a marathon in spring (has never run a half marathon even). I’m not a coach, but it seems progressing that quickly is inviting injury! It’s also very smart that you’re striving for balance between coaching and your own running. Here’s to a great 2017!

    • Oh that is quick, especially if they’ve not done much other exercise.

      I’ve enjoyed your posts about working towards your long term goals, there is much to be said for building on what you have already achieved for a goal that is a year, or even 5 years,away.

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