Race Day Essentials: What you need to take with you on a race

Race Day Essentials: What you need to take with you on a race

Race Day Essentials

On a race day there are certain things I have to pack in my bag which I call my race day essentials. These are items, not including my running clothes or my race number, that I think are very important when running a race.

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safety pins

As a seamstress I have a lot of safety pins. Since running I have even more!

I always take four safety pins for my race number. I don’t know why as most races have a huge tub full of them on the registration desk and are very unlikely to run out, but what if they did? How would I be able to attach my number? So, as a precaution, I always take my own.
A bottle of sunscreen

It may be dark, cloudy and raining when you leave the house but that doesn’t mean it won’t be blue sky and sunshine when you reach the start line. You don’t want to be running in the blazing sun without protection, even if you don’t burn who wants those strange runner’s tan lines? Even in autumn the sun can be strong so it’s worth taking.



Running a race means you are very likely to get hot and sweaty. In fact I would say it’s an inevitable part of running! As most races only have portaloos and nowhere to have a wash I always take these items with me. Having to sit in a hot car, bus or train feeling grubby is not very pleasant so having something to freshen up with after your run is essential.


Hairspray and Hairbrush

I usually pin my hair up in Heidi braids when I am racing, either that or plaited pigtails. But my fringe has a mind of its own and can get a bit wild so I like to have something to calm it down, especially if I am doing something after the race.


Change of Clothes, essential for race day

Sometimes I want to do something after my race and I don’t want to do it in sweaty running clothes. This might be having a well deserved lunch or just thirst quenching shandy in the local pub, so quite often my race day essentials will include a change of clothes. Of course, changing into them can be awkward, especially if there are only portaloos. So something easy to get into without causing a public order offense is usually my main thought when I’m choosing my clothes for the day!

What are your race day essentials? What do need to have on race day?

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Race Day Essentials

  • Haha, safety pins are everywhere–I even have a bunch of them in my cup holder in my car! You just never know…

    • I don’t think they’ve made it to my car (yet!)

  • Rachel

    This is a fantastic list. I started my post-race checklist and so far it includes “Advil” and “foam roller.” I have loads of safety pins… 🙂

    • Foam roller is definitely a race day essential. I just have to remember to use it. I usually remember the day after.

  • SuzLyfe

    Lady… I have a stash (literally a jar) of safety pins at the ready! They always come in handy!

    • They do. And having a bunch in my handbag has come in handy when buttons have fallen off!

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