Richmond Half Marathon week 6

Richmond Half Marathon week 6

Running Happy weekly round up

This week was an easy week, and I really did take it easy.

One thing I didn’t mention in my round up last week was that on the Sunday I went to another England Athletics workshop for coaches. It was all about movement skills and how to include them into your coaching sessions. We had to participate in all the throws, jumps and running movements and I really got a lot out of it, my running groups will definitely be doing a lot of the skills and drills in the next few months.

But one consequence of doing all the practice was that I was really aching on Monday! Good job it was an easy week for me!

I did a lot of stretching all week, including doing sun salutations every morning, but I didn’t actually do any running until my start to run group on Thursday. We’re 6 weeks in and I had them running two lots of 11 minutes running with a minute break. I think I may have heard a groan or two before we started off as it’s quite a big ask for beginners to do but I’m glad to say they all managed to run the whole 11 minutes. One of the group said to me she wouldn’t have believed she could run that far if I had asked her in week one.

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On Saturday I did my long run of 6 miles and drove over to North Marston where I am starting a new Start to Run group in March. I wanted to run all the roads so I’d have a good idea of routes, lighting and conditions of the pavements before the group starts. I kept to the 2 minute running, 30 seconds walking and was really surprised to see my pace was quicker than last week and was closer to my usual long run pace. I started off with two miles around 11:40 each but the pace went down to between 10:40 and 10:30 for the rest. We shall see if I get any faster but my main aim is to not to be injured, and that seems to be working so far!

How was your week running? Did you take it easy or was it a hard workout week?

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  • I’m taking things pretty easy, but slowly building my mileage back. My main focus this year is to have fun and remain injury-free…so far, so good 😉

    • That’s a great goal! Sometimes the having fun bit gets lost but I think it’s such an important part of running!

  • Tricia MissSippiPiddlin

    Sounds like you are just the right motivation for your group! I have to say too running 11 minutes would scare me in the beginning too but I’m glad they were all able to do it. Funny how someone else can help you overcome your fears way better than you can!
    I did intervals with 90/45 but I was shooting for speed paces that I usually don’t reach in a race. I was actually shocked at how my overall pace average was better than just running the whole time!
    I would so explore this when considering another marathon!

    • Thanks. Having other people definitely helps to get over fears.

      Interesting that you had a better average pace with your speed intervals. I must admit to stopping for my recovery and hitting pause on the watch when I’m doing speed sessions, even though I know it’s better to keep moving!

  • The movement skills workshop seems very interesting. I’m sure it’s something we could all use a refresher at. It sounds like your group has made great progress with you as their coach. Running 11 minutes without stopping is a huge milestone for new runners. I bet they left very satisfied that evening. And you should be very proud! Thanks for linking, Nicola!

    • Thank you!

      The workshop really made you realise how we lose our natural movement as we get older. And how important it is to try and keep it!

  • You have some lovely places to run, and I would think it would be very relaxing running with those views. Your workshop sounds very informative, and fun!

    • There are certainly some nice views near me. It makes running even more enjoyable.

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