Richmond Half Marathon week 7

Richmond Half Marathon week 7

Running Happy weekly round up

This week I had my first sports massage!

What with my foot playing up and my calf feeling tight I thought I should see if a massage would help. So Tuesday lunchtime saw me at a treatment room being prodded and poked. After hearing it was my first massage Johanne, the massage therapist, immediately asked what horror stories I had heard and then went on to reassure me that the only reason it hurts is because people are too polite to say it hurts. I don’t know if this is a British thing or people put up with pain because they’ve been told the pain is good for them. She said that if it gets more than 7 out of 10 on my pain threshold I should tell her, but I’m glad to say it never got that high.

The whole experience was a really good one but the most interesting part was that Johanne said my foot and calf weren’t actually that bad and it was my upper body that really needed working on. She explained that after an injury the brain often will try to protect the recovered area. This means that you become more sensitive to any niggles and pains in that area which means things can seem worse than they are. Interestingly, since the massage my calf hasn’t felt as tight and my foot hasn’t been as sensitive.

Having the massage was good but it did leave me rather sore and achey the next day. I was going to go on a run but I decided to stretch out with a little bit of yoga and just relax.

Which meant my first run of the week was with my Start to Run group on Thursday, the penultimate week of their course, and it almost didn’t happen. Storm Doris hit our shores on Thursday morning and with it came some rather strong winds of up to 70 mph. I always tell my running groups that only ice or lightening will make me cancel a run but I might have to add gale force winds to that list! Thankfully by 6.30pm the wind had died down and we were safe to run at 7pm without the fear of a tree falling on us!

It was a great run with everyone surprising themselves on completing two sets of 15 minute runs with only a minute walk in between. I had made a provision to run in  two groups with one group doing more repeats of 5 minute runs but as soon as the first 5 minutes was up everyone wanted to carry on, which is fantastic and shows you how encouraging running in a group can be.

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My second run of the week was a 10 mile run along the Phoenix Trail, a traffic free route which follows the route of a disused railway line. I ran with Jackie, one of my running club buddies, and as with my other long runs we ran for 2 minute and walked 30 seconds. The Trail is a really nice, flat route with an art trail on part of the route so every now and then sculptures would appear on the run. It is also a really well used route with lots of runners, cyclists and dog walkers along the way. It’s definitely a route I will run again.

I really enjoyed the run. Having someone to run and chat with really helped me towards the end when I started to feel a bit tired. If Jackie wasn’t there I think I may have stopped as soon as my watch hit the 10 mile mark. Instead we decided to run until we got back to where we started and ended up running 10.69 miles. And the best part is that every mile was under 11 minutes with mile 7 being the quickest at 10:23. So even with the walking breaks I’m still making good progress.

How was your week running? Have you tried any new routes recently?

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  • Lacey@fairytalesandfitness

    I have been trying to get into my favorite massage place all weekend and couldn’t get in. I did a 16 miler over the weekend and I thought I would treat myself. I am feeling pretty good but you can never go wrong with a massage. I love the deep pressure!

    • I’ll definitely be making a massage a regular thing. Don’t know why it took me so long to have one!

  • My friend and I did some mixing up on our route this morning…extra turns and different streets. My Garmin died just after mile 2 (and her & I met up at different distances for each of us) so I had to do the car-drive thing to get my actual distance. I knew I was around 8 miles,but it actually wound up being 8.5. It’s good to do different routes…this one today had a lot of hills towards the end LOL

    • How annoying about your Garmin! But good to try a different route.

  • It sounds like Storm Doris packed a powerful punch. I’m glad you were able to run that evening. I love a good sports massage. And, I’m overdue for one. I love the fun art along the trail. I wish we had a good flat trail to run around here AND a friend to run it with would be nice (since I’m already wishing). After a few runs last week, I’m obsessing over every little twinge I have now. It takes a while to overcome that fear after an injury. Thanks for linking, Nicola!

    • It did. We’re lucky that any strong winds or storms generally die down before they get too far inland, but this one was a little bit stronger than usual!

  • Tricia MissSippiPiddlin

    I gave my husband and treated myself you know since I was paying, 🙂 to a couples massage. No it’s not quite as deep as a sports massage but the lady that does it really does a great job.
    I was quite sore from my strength training workout the day before so I’m not sure I could handle a deeper one anyway.
    I do think they are so important and not get them near enough.

    • Lucky husband!

      I’d like to have one regularly but I’m not sure if that will happen or not!

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