Richmond Half Marathon week 9

Richmond Half Marathon week 9

Running Happy weekly round up

This week has mainly been about adding things to my coaching bow!

It started off with a 4 hour first aid for sports course and ended with another England Athletics workshop. In between I did a little bit of running.

The first aid course on Monday was a very practical, hands on course especially for coaches. For the first half of the workshop we learnt CPR and how you should never be afraid of performing CPR on someone who is unresponsive and not breathing. The tutor made it very clear that even if you don’t get the rhythm right or break a rib, you are giving that person a chance and they need all the chances available to them.

The rest of the workshop was all about wounds, bleeds, fainting, fits, breaks and sprains. The course was great because it was sport specific so we discussed what sort of injuries might happen when you are on a trail or in the middle of a field. Thanks to Leap, my county sports partnership, for putting it on.

The first run of the week was on Wednesday at my club for our winter relays. This is a great session the club does where everyone, from new runners to the fast pack, can join in and run together.

Runners wait in the dark before the relays start
Waiting for the relays to start

As we are an off road club the relays take part in the local park and woods, and as it’s only just spring it was in the dark. You are put into groups of four and are paired with another runner. Mine was actually a group of 5 as we were an odd number on the night and I ran with another woman as a ‘twin’, running the same pace as each other. She was glad to have a twin as she said she didn’t have a great sense of direction and was afraid of getting lost in the wood.

The idea is that you run in a loop in the opposite direction to your paired runner, meet in the middle, then turn around and run back to the beginning. The reason it’s great for mixed abilities is that everyone runs for the same time but the faster runners will run a greater distance. It was great fun, a bit muddy, and much to my surprise my group was the first to finish!

The next run was a parkrun with another runner from my start to run course. Again, she ran with a nice and consistent pace, and although I couldn’t persuade her to do a sprint finish she did say she’d do it again!

My week finished with another England Athletics workshop, this time all on physical preparation. It built on the previous movement skills workshops I’ve done and focused on improving mobility and movement and how this improves performance. We also covered some assessments you can do to find out where weaknesses might be and how these can be corrected. It was a great workshop and I’m really glad I have these CPD opportunities as a coach.

How was your week? Did you do any fun running? 

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  • I did a half marathon! That totally counts as fun running 🙂 Sounds like you had a great week and learned a lot

    • Definitely does! I’ll look out for your race report on.

  • Lacey@fairytalesandfitness

    I did not do any fun running, but rather running because I had too since I have a big race next weekend. I always hated sitting through CPR and First Aid classes. Yes you learn a lot, but they are too long and after each recertification they seem to be all the same!

    • That’s what I liked about this course! We only covered what we are most likely to encounter.

      Good luck with your race!


    Another great post! No fun running, but managed a PB on my 10k race this weekend! Was very excited!

    • Well done on the PB! That’s always cause for celebration.

  • I’ve had a life saving course and am certified, but it sounds as if yours was geared more to the running community. That would be so much more helpful. I really like the idea of the relay you described where all abilities can run together. I ran a 5k this weekend and it was a lot of fun! Thanks for linking, Nicola!

    • I love doing the relay as you run with people you wouldn’t otherwise. I’d definitely recommend a variation of it for group runs.

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