Run This World: Podcast of the Month

Run This World: Podcast of the Month

podcast of the month

Do you listen to podcasts during your runs or workouts?

I do and this is what I have been listening to recently.

Run this World podcast

Run This World is a podcast by Nicole DeBoom, the founder of Skirt Sports, former pro-triathlete and Ironman champion. Nicole interviews the people she calls visionaries, those who are trying to make a positive change in the world, and she does so in 36 minutes and 38 seconds or the average time it takes to run a 5k.

The podcasts are designed to accompany you through a 5k run and give you enough inspiration to carry on. Nicole has great rapport with her interviewees and each episode is often filled with laughter. If you want a little bit of encouragement on your run and something to get you thinking then do give this podcast a go.

Recent episodes that I’ve really enjoyed have been

Episode 26: Life lessons from a death investigator

Episode 23: Dr James Rouse & Kristine Carey from Skoop

Episode 20: Dave Thibodeau Founder of SKA Brewing on Finding Your Health

Episode 17: Sara Vaughn Mom of Three Defying the Odds at Olympic Trials

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Have you listened to Run This World? What episodes have you enjoyed?

Let me know your favourite podcast in the comments, I’m always after new series to listen to.

  • Chaitali Shah

    I generally listed to podcasts in the car since I like music on the run. I haven’t given this one a try so I’ll look into it. Thanks!

    • I’ve started listening in the car too, but I have a slightly different playlist in the car!

  • I enjoy listening to podcasts in the sauna or when relaxing, but have not tried it while running or working out yet. These look like great ones to add to my to-listen list! Thanks!

    • I’d be worried about getting too relaxed and overheating in the sauna!

  • I listen to Mark Maren WTF. He gets great people as guests. I will confess that I have to fast forward the first few minutes because of his ads. Oh, also his voice comes on really loud at first so make sure to keep the volume low.

    • I’ve just been watching the Mark Maren show and was wondering if he really did a podcast or if it was just for his show! I shall add it to my list

  • Nicole DeBoom

    Hey there! I’m just seeing this amazing post! Thank you for sharing my podcast. It’s still going strong. I post a new episode almost every week. I have to say that I ALWAYS go longer than the average 5k (36:38), so prepare for a longer run that day. THANK YOU!

    • Glad to share! I’ve noticed that your recent episodes have been longer as I’m home before they finish so I listen whilst I do my cool down. Thanks for making the show.

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