Runner’s Gift List

Runner’s Gift List


Today I’m participating in the Tuesdays on the Run linkup with Marcia’s Healthy Slice, My No-Guilt Life and MCM Mama Runs.

We are now only a week away from December and I feel it’s appropriate to mention the C word. Yes, that’s right, Christmas!

I thought it would be a good time to do a list of gifts for the runners in your life (or even give you suggestions to pass on to those who might be buying you gifts). For this runners gift list I’m thought I’d make some suggestions that aren’t clothing.

Music subscription

If you know a runner who likes to listen to music when they run then why not gift them music! Companies such as Spotify and Deezer offer subscription services for a monthly fee. They give you access to thousands of albums, artists and playlists across all genres of music. You can create playlists and with a subscription you can listen off line, perfect for runners who go off the beaten track.

I had a subscription to Deezer over the summer whilst I was training for my half marathon and made lots of different playlists. I had one for my tempo runs, one which went from slower to faster songs for my progression runs, and one with over 2 hours of music for my long runs. It was very easy to use and I was pleasantly surprised at how varied the songs and artists they had. My play lists had music form Frank Wilson, Powersolo, Rose Maddox, Scott Walker and the Detroit Cobras. I also made a list of my favourite tunes from the crooners form the 1930s.

Race entry

If you are a runner how about entering a race for you and your friend? There are lots of fun winter ones in January and February or you could look for a spring race to give you time to train.

If you and your friend are regular runners then a winter 5k or 10k race would be doable. Just keep in mind what your friend would like. If they’ve never run a half marathon or marathon and they’ve never mentioned wanting to run one then it might not be a good idea to enter them into one. That is if you value your friendship!

However, if they’ve mentioned wanting to run one and you quite fancy one too then entering together would be a great present, as long as you leave enough time to train for it. There is also the bonus of having a guaranteed training partner!

And don’t forget, whatever race you enter, make sure you can follow it with a celebratory lunch.

Massage or spa day

Do you know a runner who has a spring marathon place? How about booking them a spa day or massage for the day after their big race?

Of course, if their race is on a Sunday they may have to book time off work for the Monday but as long as you give them enough notice I can’t think of anything nicer than to have a day of relaxation after a big race. Throw in a massage to ease achey and tired muscles and you have the ultimate post-race luxury.

Nutri Ninja

Last year I gave my parents a Nutri Ninja blender for Christmas and then promptly went out and bought one for myself. It is fantastic and I would highly recommend one. The high power motor means it makes very smooth smoothies, no lumpy bits like when I used my old blender, and since getting it I’ve used it almost every day.

Why do I recommend these as a gift for a runner? For me having a smoothie before or after a run is fantastic. It’s filling enough so I don’t spend morning runs feeling hungry but not too heavy to give me a stitch. After a run I can pack it full of nuts and seeds for extra protein to help recovery. (see my smoothie recipes)

The Nutri Ninja is powerful enough to grind up nuts and it’s what I use to make cashew alfredo sauce and almond milk. I’ve not tried making my own nut butter in it but I can imagine it would work very well.

What’s on your Christmas wish list? What would you add to my suggestions?

  • All great ideas! I’d love if someone got me a race entry…to the London Marathon….
    Thanks for linking up!

  • Great ideas! I use Spotify premium, and I love it!

    • I really enjoyed my subscription whilst I had it and will probably take it out again when I’m training for my next half.

  • Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy

    You can never go wrong with massages in my book. For me, that is, I do know people who don’t like them & I just don’t get that.

    • Me too. I really like it when they have a massages at the end of a race as well.

  • Lacey@fairytalesandfitness

    I love receiving gift cards for massages. I got one for my bday that I am saving for after my 50k race. That will feel lovely after completing that.

    • I think you will truly deserve a massage after a 50k race. How great you have a gift card you can use.

  • A massage is *always* on my wishlist. It’s one of those ultimate pamper items that I have a hard time spending the money on!

    • I agree, sometimes it doesn’t feel right to spend money on something like a massage. But if someone else gets you one that’s another story!

  • I need some race entries – I haven’t raced since Marine Corps in October and I’m going through withdrawal.

    • Me too. I feel like I need to sit down and work out my races for next year. I’m definitely doing a half with my mum but apart from that I have no plans.

  • Patty

    I’m all about the massage days!

    • They are really worth it. Especially for getting rid of any niggles you have.

  • The massage is a really great idea. Since my birthday is not long after Christmas, I will hint to my husband that idea.

    • Fingers crossed he gets the hint!

  • Sandra Laflamme

    I would definitely love a spa day as a gift for the holidays! Great list!

    • It’d be great to have a spa day to relax after all the rushing around and general busyness of the holiday season.

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