Start to Run

Have you thought about running but find it a bit of a struggle starting on your own? Would you like to have the support and encouragement of a qualified running coach and run with people who are getting started just like you?

My Start to Run courses take you from the couch to running 5k in 8 weeks. They are friendly and social groups for beginner runners. Whether you ran at school but not as an adult, have had a break from fitness after having children, or have never ran in your life, then these courses are for you.

We start off with just 1 minute of running at a time and we always run together as a group. Throughout the 8 weeks of the start to run course I will give you tips to help you get into the running habit and enjoy yourself. At the end of the 8 weeks there will be a group run at a local parkrun, a very friendly free 5k run which takes place every Saturday morning, or another local 5k race.

All you need to begin is comfortable clothes and a pair of trainers!

Next Start to Run course

The next course will be in North Marston, Buckinghamshire in March 2017.

For more details email ku.oc1498256136.yppa1498256136hgnin1498256136nur@o1498256136lleh1498256136


Bournemouth Training: Week 3

It seems that the south of England is starting to get our summer weather! It was quite a warm one this week. The week started with my early Monday up and run before work, this time a tempo run. 10 minutes warm up followed by 1 minute tempo, 1 minute easy for another 10 minutes….

Bournemouth training: Week 2

Bournemouth training: Week 2

This was the first week running early on a Monday morning. I’ve decided that rather than running first thing, which I find quite difficult, I will drive to my office job and run from there. As these Monday runs are going to be my speed or strength run I need to make sure I’m more…

Bournemouth Training: Week 1

Bournemouth Training: Week 1

First week of marathon training. If you had asked me last year if I would be typing those words in  2017 I would have said no. But … here we go! This week was all about getting my routine right. I’ve got 19 weeks to go and as my running for the last month has been…