Tough Girl Podcast: Podcast of the Month

Tough Girl Podcast: Podcast of the Month

podcast of the month

Have you ever wondered where all the women adventurers are? The women who row across the Atlantic Ocean, cycle across continents and run some of the toughest races out there. From full time explorers and mountaineers to the ordinary women doing extraordinary things, Sarah Williams has interviewed them all on her Tough Girl Podcast.

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The Tough Girl podcast is really inspiring, Sarah talks to women who are doing amazing things and who, without the podcast, I just would not have heard of. Some of the challenges the women interviewed are doing or have done can seem a bit unachievable for the mere mortal, but Sarah isn’t afraid to ask about the practicalities of these adventures. Finding out how ordinary women, with family, with a full time job, find the time and the money to go on these adventures certainly make adventures seem possible.

Sarah’s mission is to motivate and inspire women and girls and she certainly does it by talking to these adventurous women. She’s not one to shy away from challenges herself, having completed the Marathon des Sables in April 2016 and in 2017 and about to hike the Appalachian Trail (2,190 miles) in 100 days.

Recent episodes I’ve enjoyed have been

Niki Doeg, Janette Benaddi, Yorkshire Rows – Rowing Across the Atlantic Ocean

Rahma Barclay – Cycled 3,500 km through 13 countries from London to Jerusalem

Justine Curgenven – Sea Kayaker & One of the Top Living Explorers in the UK!

So if you want some motivation on your runs, whilst you are in your car, or just out and about then do yourself a favour and download the Tough Girl Podcast!

Bournemouth Training: Week 3

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Bournemouth training: Week 2

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Bournemouth Training: Week 1

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