Weekly round up: bluebells and birds

Weekly round up: bluebells and birds

Running Happy weekly round up

This week has mainly seen me running, and running the longest run since January.

Wednesday I was at my club leading the final week of our Start to Run course. The group run for this week was a 26 minute run with no walk breaks. A few people were a bit nervous at the start as it is the longest continuous run as part of the course. Some people declared they would walk a bit, which is absolutely fine, we don’t make people run if they are finding it hard! However, no one did. Everyone ran the full 26 minutes without any walk breaks. Which put them in really good stead for our Saturday ‘graduation’ run.

So on Saturday I was up bright and early to go to my local parkrun, which is where the Start to Runners do their first 5km run. I didn’t have a car this weekend so had to get the bus and arrived just after 8am and was there even before the volunteers. It was strange being somewhere so quiet but knowing how busy it would get less than an hour later.

Once everyone from our group had arrived we did a group warm up before hearing the safety briefing. Then we walked to the start line and off we went. This group was very evenly paced so everyone was running close together, which was nice. My previous Start to Run group had a greater mix of pace so I spent that parkrun running between the groups to make sure everyone was okay. I didn’t have to do that this time and just enjoyed the running. I’m pleased to say that everyone finished in under 40 minutes and everyone ran for the whole 5km which was fantastic.

I love doing the Start to Run courses as everyone improves so much in such a short amount of time and the runners end up doing something that most of them felt would be impossible at the beginning of the course.

Then on Sunday I went for my long run of 8 miles. I was a bit nervous as this was my longest run since January. I had ran 10km the Sunday before and that was okay but the extra couple of miles I had set myself this week seemed a bit daunting. Perhaps because I knew that if the 8 miles proved to be too much then there wasn’t much hope of me being ready for my half marathon later this month. So off I went with some trepidation.

fritillary and bluebells

I took it nice and slow, and was rewarded almost immediately by having a long-tailed tit fly in front of me and land on a near by tree. This was only the third one I’ve seen so I felt quite lucky. They are such cute little round birds; seeing this one brought a smile to my face and made me relax a bit more.

My foot did twinge a bit but nothing major and nothing lasting. The route I took went through some beautiful patches of bluebells with a single fritillary beside them. As well as the tit there were kites soaring in the sky and some rather loud crows. So even though my legs started to feel heavy towards the end I was distracted a bit by the views.

So now I feel much more confident that I will be able to run my half marathon in three weeks time. Thank goodness!

How was your week running? Have you seen any interesting creatures recently?

This weekly round up is part of the link up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.

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  • Glad your foot didn’t act up too much so you could enjoy your run.

    • Thank you. I was very relieved.

  • I’m happy to hear you had a good 8 mile run and that your foot behaved. It sounds very lovely getting to see the flowers and bird. I’m always intrigued by the tiny black and white Chickadees that nest in our yard each Spring with their distinctive call. It’s exciting you’ll be able to run your planned half marathon. Good luck in your final weeks of training! Thanks for linking with us Nicola!

    • Thank you!

      It’s been such lovely weather here and will hopefully stay that way for the next few weeks. Now that I’m confident of running I’d like it to be good weather too. That’s not asking too much is it?

  • Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin

    I so love that you are a part of the Start to Run group. I missed how you got started in this? Did you organize it? I so remember when I was right there not being able to run for the 60 seconds you start out. I’m also glad to hear your foot was fine. You’ll do great in your upcoming half.

    • My club has been running the course twice a year for a few years. I’ve been a helper at one, co-lead another, and been the main helper at the latest one. I was supposed to lead it but my injury meant I wasn’t ready to start when they did. It is such fun being involved in these groups. And I love catching up with the ‘graduates’ who don’t join the club at races and seeing that they’ve kept up running.

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