Weekly Round Up: I’m running a Marathon!

Weekly Round Up: I’m running a Marathon!

Running Happy weekly round up

I’ve not done a round up for a few weeks now. Thankfully it’s not because I’ve stopped running, but rather because I’ve been doing a lot of coaching and group work.

My week looked like this.

Monday was a coaching session. It was the second session with two new clients who are both regular runners but want to improve times and need someone to hold them accountable. During coaching sessions I might demonstrate drills and exercises but I don’t really run, I watch my runners run. So although I’m busy it’s a different busy from when I’m doing my own workout.

Furzton Lake
My lakeside coaching session

Next up was my beginners group in North Marston on Wednesday and it was chucking it down all day! I was unsure how many people would turn up but we had 7 runners so I was really pleased. The rain had eased off a bit by the time we were running and everyone really tried to push themselves a little, despite the damp conditions.

Thursday was my double group session. I have a beginners start to run group, followed by an improvers run. Once again it was raining and once again all my beginners turned up! Amazing!

I managed to fit in a strength session on Saturday but that was it. So two days of running with my groups and one strength session.

Which leads me on to a surprising decision. This autumn I’m going to run a marathon! This is despite not quite knowing how I will fit my own training in with my coaching and running groups, my office job and wanting to have some home life! So how did this come about?

Back in January one of my goals was to build my endurance and strength so I could run a marathon in 2018. This seemed sensible as I knew I would be coaching more. But one thing I didn’t see happening was my mum telling me that she wanted to run a marathon too, nor that her work situation would mean that this summer she could actually put time aside to dedicate to marathon training. So, even though I do have worries about how everything will fit in, I’ve agreed to run the Loch Ness marathon with her in September. EEEK!

So now, I am going to put my coach’s head on to make myself a sensible plan which will take into account all my other commitments. We won’t be aiming for a particular time, which puts some pressure off. Instead we will be running for the fun, the experience and the beautiful views.

With that in mind I will be spending the next week setting out an 18 week plan. Wish me luck!

Have you entered any surprise races this year? Or done any races that you thought you’d never do?

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  • I have not entered any surprise races yet but you never know!

  • I love the name of that race! Will Nessy be there?

    Yes, I’ve done surprise races, but none more surprising than my 2014 Chicago Marathon. I won an entry in June and trained for it in 12 weeks. I’d do it again, should that opportunity arise.

    • I’m hoping we will get a glimpse of Nessy 🙂

      Your Chicago marathon is definitely a surprise race. I think I’d have said yes too, even if I’d have been really nervous about not having enough training!

  • How exciting!!!! Doing a marathon with your mom sounds like a great “bonding” experience. Will you train together? I recently did kind of an impromptu 5K (with about 9 days notice) that went surprisingly well because I used it as a “speed workout.”

    • We will definitely do some of the long runs together and I’ll be doing a training plan for her as well. It’s going to be really fun, if scary at the same time.

      9 days before a 5k is a short notice but great that you used it as a speed work session.

  • Congrats on making the marathon decision! I agree that it is a lot of work trying to fit training into every day life and responsibilities.

    • Thanks! I think the fitting it in part is going to big challenge on its own but I think I can be sensible when I’m setting out my training.

  • Kimberly

    Super exciting! I ran my first marathon last year and while it was super scary to make that decision, it was also an awesome experience!

    • That’s how I’m feeling right now, excited but nervous too!

  • Chaitali Shah

    Wow, you have been doing a lot of coaching! That sounds like a fun plan to do the marathon with your mom, good luck to both of you 🙂

  • So excited for you! I clicked the link, and I want to run the Loch Ness Marathon too! Ha–I think it would be a bit too much travel for me, but I love the pictures of the course. It sounds like the perfect first marathon, plus you’ll get to do it with your mom. Very excited for you and look forward to following you on this new adventure!

  • YAY!!! Loch Ness is on my list but no marathons for me this year! Very exciting to do it with you mum as well! I did one “surprising” race but it was in 2016. I ran my first marathon in Paris in April and was already signed up for the Half Marathon at Liverpool… after Paris I decided I was going to switch to the FULL instead… with 6 weeks in between! I didn’t tell anyone until about a week before because I was afraid I would get a lot of unsolicited advise! turns out Liverpool was my best marathon to date. I’ve never gotten so close to under 5 hours as I did there (5:00:03).

    looking forward to hearing about your coaching and training leading up to the event!

  • Emily Renteria

    Way to go on training for a marathon! I’ve only raced a half before, but I signed up for a 6hr and endurance race in September that I’ve started training for!

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