Weekly Round Up: Strength for Runner week 6

Weekly Round Up: Strength for Runner week 6

Running Happy weekly round up

Week 6 of my Strength programme and only 4 weeks until Christmas. Where is the time going?

Tuesday I did my first workout from Quick Strength for Runners. This week was all about the core and the exercises were really ramped up, so much that the illustrations were over three pages instead of two. The first workout was with weights, lots of low flys, high flys and deadlifts. I’m only using light weights (2.5kg and 3kg) and I was thinking I should try using my heavier weights but after doing the whole workout I was glad I didn’t!

Wednesday was a club night and I lead my group on a route along the canal. It has been rather rainy this week and I thought I’d pass on the cross country route for this week. Running in the cold is one thing, running in the cold and mud is another, especially when you’ve just started. I’ll give them another week or two before we go trekking!

There wasn’t a work lunchtime run on Thursday as I was meeting ex-colleagues for lunch and I’m not sure if anyone went for a run without me! There was rumours that there might be a run organised but I never found out if it happened or not!

Friday I had a great run in the evening near home. Just a 5k trot around the village. I took my headtorch with me so I could run on some of the unlit roads and listened out for owls and creatures. I live in hope that one evening run I will see a badger. It hasn’t happened yet!

Saturday was workout 2 from Quick Strength for Runners. Still all about the core but this time all body weight exercises. Lots of hip raises, leg raises, push ups, fire hydrants and other simple looking but hard working exercises. I am seeing an improvement in how many repetitions I can do before needing a break. I just hope it is translating into me becoming a stronger runner.

Sunday I hit the trails. I’m planning on leading monthly women only trail runs in my local area in the new year. Women only as a lot of women have said to me they don’t run off road because they have safety concerns, they worry about being attacked or getting lost. There is so much fun and adventure to have off road and it is a pity that safety worries are stopping some women from having these fantastic experiences. Which is why I have decided to organise group runs to encourage more women on the trails.

So on Sunday I tried out a new route with an idea to add it to my list for the group runs. It’s a fairly flat route along a canal and with a loop through fields to another village. Only this is what I found 2.5km into the run

A photo posted by @_runninghappy on

A bridge to no where. Yup, you can see where the footpath is only the raised footpath that crosses the pond doesn’t quite reach there. So I checked my map and rerouted through a very water logged, almost boggy, field. After a brief dry spell I then ran through ankle deep mud. I was sooo glad I had my Goretex waterproof Inov-8 trail shoes on. I think this route might be one for the summer!

How was your week? Do you run off road? Or do you worry about safety? 

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  • I think that is a great idea to start a women’s trail running group. It’s my experience the men are generally faster anyway and the women are more likely to stay somewhat together. I currently don’t trail run, although I really enjoy being outdoors and it would be nice to run off the pavement. One, there aren’t many good trails in these parts and two, I tend to get ankle injuries (or did years ago) so I am always overly cautious when it comes to trails. That could probably be remedied with the right pair of shoes. Great job on getting through your muddy run! Thanks for linking, Nicola!

  • I have never seen a Badger. I don’t know if I would even know what it was if I saw one..lol

    I like that you organize the women’s trail run. I would definitely feel safer if I had other women to run with.

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