Weekly round up: thistles and coaching

Weekly round up: thistles and coaching

Running Happy weekly round up

Well, as you can probably tell Juneathon stopped about mid-June this month. I couldn’t quite keep up with posting each day!

Not to worry, I’ve still had quite an active week.

Monday I ran for 30 minutes around a car park! You might think that is strange thing to do but in the evening there are no cars and it is like running around my own private track with only a few dog walkers for company. Like running at a track it works nicely for threshold sessions as you can time yourself around a set lap and the ground is nice and even.

Tuesday I was observing my buddy coach Marion for the last session of her course. It was great to be able to observe people at the end of the six weeks and notice how they have improved. There was some very strong running in the group.

Wednesday I wasn’t running but instead marshalled at my club’s annual fun run. The adult race is a 6k route and I was position at the start so I could see people on their way out and back. It turned out to be rather a warm evening and I really felt for some of the runners on the way back as you could tell they were really feeling the heat.

Thursday was a rest day (yay!) and then my coaching session on Friday. I met my athletes at the track and I’m afraid I really made them work hard! We did a session that included flying 30s and some strength endurance work.

Saturday was another rest day and Sunday I went for a run on the trails near me.

It was only a 4 mile run but it took me just over an hour to do it. Why? Well let me show you…


Yup, the path that was nice and runable 3 weeks ago was completely overgrown with grass, rapeseed plants, thistles and nettles. I had to walk a lot of it and still managed to get stung and scratched. However, it was still fun and I felt that I had truly earned my bowl of salted caramel Almond Dream ice-cream.

How was your week running? Do you have any unusual places you like to use as a track?

This weekly round up is part of the link up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.

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  • That trail looks just like the path I take through the woods when I cut through it to ride my bike. I have to be careful about the poison oak right now. Ugh. I think running at the car park is an excellent idea! I’m impressed you were able to blog every day for so long. I’m struggling with just once a week. There’s just so much going on in the summertime. Thanks for linking with us Nicola!

  • Rachel @ RachelMcMichael.com

    Wow! You would think they would keep that path cleared away a little. I would definitely say you deserved that bowl of ice cream. Haha

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