Weekly Round Up: The week before!

Weekly Round Up: The week before!

Running Happy weekly round up


Thank you to everyone’s good wishes for my marathon in the comments last week. However, this week brought a little bit of a change of plan – we are still running a marathon but not the Loch Ness marathon! The change of plan is mainly to do with my dog! Unfortunately, my usual dog sitter is unavailable that week and although we looked at taking the pup with us (you can take dogs on the overnight train!) we decided that trying to run a marathon and have a holiday with the pup wasn’t going to work. So we are now running our second choice of Bournemouth Marathon, which gives us an extra 2 weeks of training.

My running this week was very similar to last week.

Monday I had my coaching session in Milton Keynes. The weather was much nicer and so the park was much busier which meant I had to do some last minute changes to my plan for my runners.Β But we had a good session and it was nice to see the park used so much.

Furzton Lake in the Sunshine

Wednesday I went to a morning yoga class. The class was a lot quicker than the Yoga Studio App sessions I do, we didn’t pause much between each pose and I really had to think. The tutor also used the Sanskrit terms for the poses rather than the English terms which meant IΒ took a few seconds to work out what I was supposed to be doing. It was a great session though and I’ll be going again.

Wednesday evening was my beginners session in North Marston and we had to share with sports field with the children’s cricket club and the scouts who were letting off rockets!

Thursday was my beginners and improvers sessions and it was quite a warm one! One of the beginners suggested a great route which was flat and shady for most of the run, which I think everyone appreciated. By the time my improvers session started it had cooled down a bit so I took them on a more undulating route. It was challenging but everyone enjoyed it.

All in all it was a good week to have before I start my marathon training.

How was your week running? Have you ever changed your plans because of your pet?

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  • No pets have changed my plan but my kids sure have! I was bummed I did not make it to yoga this week hope to get in a session this week.

    • Ha! Of course πŸ™‚

      Hope you get to yoga this week.

  • Kimberly

    Sorry that you had to change your marathon plans, but you definitely made the right decision. IT would be hard to focus on the marathon and your pet that weekend!

    Sounds like you had a great week of training and glad that you enjoyed the yoga class. It’s always fun when you find a class that you like πŸ™‚

    • I think that was it, either a pet friendly holiday or a running holiday when traveling (and running!) that distance!

  • Well, the bright side is that you now have two additional weeks of training, right? That ought to give you a little bit of flexibility (if you’d need it). Great week of training, though!

    • Exactly – I feel I have wiggle room now!

  • I get so confused in yoga if they don’t use English terms for the poses! Glad you were able to find another marathon that fits your “family” better!

    • I was really confused! Especially when she first started. Hopefully the more I go the more I’ll recognise the terms!

  • The things we do for our dogs, right? πŸ˜‰ At least you have extra training versus a shorter time period!

    • I know! They are definitely family πŸ™‚

  • No Nessy? Sounds like your dogs saved you! :p

  • I would definitely change my plans to suit the needs of my dog too! Yay for having 2 extra weeks!

    • I thought you would too πŸ™‚

  • We usually board our dogs when we travel. For our next trip, we are going to hire a pet sitter (daughter of a co-worker). I’m interested to see if that works better. I actually looked into the Loch Ness Half a few years ago when we were thinking about a trip to Scotland. I’m glad you found a replacement race. Good luck as you start your training. Thanks for linking, Nicola!

    • Our pup doesn’t do too well in kennels or with strange dogs so we like to have the same person or family look after him when we go away.

      Loch Ness is definitely a race on my bucket list! I’ll just need to book the sitter earlier!

  • Chaitali Shah

    Sounds like a great idea to choose a different weekend. I’m glad you were able to find another marathon that works!

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