What happened to July?

What happened to July?

Running Happy weekly round up

Well this is going to be more of a monthly round up than a weekly one!

July didn’t really go the way I thought it would.

The last week of June saw me unexpectedly flying to New Zealand as my gran was very ill. I spent a few days arranging time off work and getting cover, having a day at the passport office in London to get a fast track passport as I had let mine expire, and then getting on a plane to spend what seemed like forever flying half way across the world.

The first week of July was spent with my gran and family at the hospice. Sadly she died at the end of the week and the following time was spent with funeral arrangements and starting to sort out all her belongings. Although it was a stressful time I was very glad I made the journey to see her.

I did run when I was in New Zealand. It was very nice to have something to do where you don’t think about anything except where you are running. The act of running has never been so much of a stress reliever before. Being able to lace up the shoes and run through the New Zealand bush with my parents and just not think about anything much was just what we needed.

I managed to take some photos of the bush during a walk through a nature reserve we did. It is a beautiful country and I hope to go back again.

View of the creek from the bush
Palm trees in New Zealand
Palm trees
Tree ferns in a swamp

I didn’t have much time to recover when I arrived back in the UK. It was straight back to work for me. I did, however, enter the Waddesdon 5k race on the Wednesday after I landed. I wasn’t sure if I’d be up for it and it was a last minute decision to enter on the day. I’ve run the race for the last two years and I thought I might as well make it a third. I wasn’t running for a time, just to take part. At 29:45 it was one of my slowest 5ks in recent times but I still enjoyed it.

Reward for running 5k. All runners got a bottle of ale.
Reward for running 5k. All runners got a bottle of ale.

Since then I have been slowly building up my distance. This week I was back leading my beginners group and we did a very respectable 4.9miles. I also managed to do a ‘flying 30s’ session one evening to try and get some speed in there and today I ran 9.13km in just over an hour so I am getting there!

My next race is a half marathon in 8 weeks time. I know I will be back to half marathon condition by then but it does feel like it’s going to be a bit of a slog. I am going to have to start putting in my sessions but at a sensible pace, I don’t want to get injured again! To help with that from next week I am going to be doing all my long runs with people from my club. It’ll be at a nice social pace as I want to encourage as many people who want to start running longer and those who have their first half marathons coming up to enjoy the run. It’ll also be a big boost to me to have different people running with me each week.

This year has certainly seen some set backs with my running and I really hope this will be the last of them!

How has your week/month running been? Do you find running to be a stress buster?

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  • Runnin Rocker

    I am sorry to hear about your gran. Your pictures are beautiful. I’d love to visit there someday. That’s great that you have a running group. I find it so much easier to commit to a group than to myself and it’s also more fun running and talking. Have a great time prepping for you HM!!

    • Thank you. My last half marathons I did a lot of my training alone so I’m really looking forward to doing some long runs with a group.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I know you were grateful to spend time with her before she passed. I can only imagine how therapeutic those runs must have felt, especially in such a beautiful place. Like you, I sometimes worry about re-injury. But that can also drive you nuts. I’ve got to trust I’ve got the right strength training in place, the sense to listen to my body when it speaks, and let go. Good luck as you increase your mileage and get ready for your next half. Thanks for linking, Nicola.

    • Thank you.

      You are right about injuries, we just have to trust and listen to our bodies! If we sat around worrying all the time we just wouldn’t do anything!

  • So sorry to hear about your grandmother. It was good that you got to be with her once more. I love how running can be so many things to us, including a comfort at sad times in our lives. Increasing your mileage slowly is wise to prevent injuries, so it sounds like you’re on track for training for your half marathon.

    • It was certainly a comfort and I was glad I had running to distract me.

      I feel like I have got back on track now and am able to focus on my training so fingers crossed it won’t take me long to get back my running legs!

  • Tricia Barber Vaughn

    I’m so sorry to hear about your gran. I know you are glad you could make it to be by her before she passed what a great comfort. I do understand the stress revealing factors of running and I’ve used them in situations just like this. Hugs to you!

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