5 reasons why you should run your first half marathon

5 reasons why you should run your first half marathon

5 reasons why you should run your first half marathon.

Have you thought about running you first half marathon but weren’t quite sure if it’s the distance for you?

I really enjoy running half marathons and this year I’m lucky enough not only to be coaching people to run their first half marathon but also take part in the Reading Half Marathon as a race ambassador.

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So I thought I’d try and get as many people to run their first half marathon in 2018 by giving you 5 reasons why you should give 13.1 miles a try!

A half marathon is a challenge

No matter if you have been running for a long time or only just started, running 13.1 miles is a challenge. Not knowing the distance and planning your training and nutrition for what could be over 2 hours of running can feel a bit daunting, no matter if you’ve been running for months or years.

But it’s the challenge that makes you want to do it. You know you can run 5k or even 10k, but can you put your mind and body to running just over 21k? Spoiler alert: The answer is yes!

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A half marathon is manageable

Looking for a race that will challenge you but can fit into your daily routine? Look no further than the half marathon!

Unlike a full marathon where runs can take up half a day, training for a half marathon is easy to fit into your other commitments. Depending on how fast you are your longest run is likely to be no longer than 3 hours (and for faster runners a lot less than that) which means you can get out first thing in the morning and still be home for brunch!

Travel to new places

Runners warming up by lake Windermere ahead of the Brathay Half Marathon
Great views on the Brathay half marathon route

What better excuse for a mini holiday than a race? I might not travel a far distance for a 5k or 10k, but travelling to run a half marathon seems perfectly sensible. The only time I’ve visited the Lake District, an area I’ve wanted to go to for years, is when I ran the Brathay Half Marathon. Picking a race because you want to visit the area is perfectly acceptable, whatever the race distance, it just seems more justifiable for 13.1 miles!

A size for everyone

There are a lot of half marathons out there! So whether you want a big spectacular like the Great Birmingham Run with over 20,000 runners and bands on every corner, a smaller run with 300 other people through the beautiful mountains of Wales like Trailffest, a race with a big stadium finish like the Reading Half Marathon or anything in between there is a race to suit you.

A half marathon is fun

Just crossing the start line at the Burnham Beeches half marathon
Running with my mum at the Burnham Beeches Half Marathon. Photo by Darryl Moore

And don’t forget the fun factor! Yes the training might be hard at times and you may wonder why you ever signed up but once you are running you will have fun. Take your time to spot crazy fancy dress runners, look at the fabulous scenery or even chat to your fellow runners. And you get even more fun bonus points if you manage to get a friend to take the challenge with you.

So what are you waiting for? Make this the year you run your first half marathon!

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And if you’ve ran a  half marathon before what tips would you give first timers?

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8 Responses to 5 reasons why you should run your first half marathon

  1. I never thought I would run a half marathon but I really wanted to experience the Disney Princess race and really wanted that medal…haha. I have since done 6 more halves and 2 full marathons so I am glad I took the plunge!

    My tip would be to mentally break down your distance in sections!

    • Medals can make you do strange things!

      Great tip to break down the distance into sections. It’s much easier to think of running 3 miles at a time than the whole 13.1

  2. The half marathon is my favorite distance. My advice for first-timers is to trust the training…most plans will have them doing a 10-miler for their longest run, and that usually is far enough. I think it’s best to save those extra miles for race day 😉

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