Bournemouth Training: Week 6

Bournemouth Training: Week 6

Training for the Bournemouth Marathon

Another hot week in the UK and my training started with a Monday morning speed session, this time a tempo session. 10 minute warm up, 10 minute tempo and 10 minute cool down.

My next run was with my North Marston group and was a little different than usual. Two weeks ago I heard about a virtual race that was raising money for the Grenfell Tower families and the Firefighters Charity. Knowing that many of the group had been as horrified as I was when the disaster had happened I asked the group if they wanted to take part. All we had to do for the race was run or walk/run for 24 minutes (1 minute for every floor of the Tower) and on Wednesday we did just that.

24 minutes was the longest we had ran as a group, and although it was a very hot day everyone managed to run bar one or two pit stops for water.

After the group run I had a 1-2-1 coaching session which was fun and I can already see improvement in my athlete from our last session together.

Thursday night was another group run. It was still rather warm so we ran a route which was partly through the woods and a bit shadier.

My final run of the week was my first double digit run of this training plan. I had 12 miles to run and was really unsure of where to run it. I worked out lots of different routes using the OS map and in the end decided on an out and back along the canal. For some reason I was quite nervous before this run. Although I have run parts of the canal before I hadn’t run this exact route and I kept having visions of falling into the canal and not being able to get out! I’m not usually nervous about new routes so I think it was because this run marked the start of more serious marathon training.

I’m pleased to report I didn’t fall in the canal! Instead I had a really lovely out and back run along a very beautiful stretch of water. I started running around 8am to avoid the heat but as parts of the canal had no shade at all it was still quite hot. There were a few other runners and dog walkers along the path but other than that fairly quiet. I’m really pleased I ran this route, despite my nerves, and no doubt I’ll be running it again over the course of my training.

Some photos from my run.

Heron on a tree overhanging the canal
If you look closely enough you can see a heron on the overhanging tree branch
Selfie at the begining of my canal run
Starting my run along the canal
Canal reservoir
Canal reservoir before I turned back
Selfie at the Canal reservoir
A brief sit down for a drink by the reservoir

How was your week running? Do you ever get nervous when running new routes?

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  1. Nice week! Looks like a beautiful area where you run! Glad you did not fall into the canal! 😉 I tend to get nervous when I run in unfamiliar areas as well, but I do like to use the Rungo App on my phone for planning routes so I don’t get lost. I’ve found it very helpful.

  2. I love that your group decided to do a benefit for their run. The running community is so kind and supportive! My regular route is alongside a river, and in winter I’m scared that someone’s going to push me in and I’ll freeze to death before I can get out. So I can understand–what if you do fall in and can’t get out? Glad that it went well and that you enjoyed some nice scenery!

  3. That looks lovely! I’m not usually worried about falling into the water when I’m running, but biking on the canal tow path worried me the first time!

  4. Running by the water is the best! I run at the beach and by some other intercoastal waterways here at the beach. We’ve got water everywhere!

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