Be bright, be seen! 5 essentials for running in the dark

Be bright, be seen! 5 essentials for running in the dark


Be bright be seen, essentials for running in the dark

As the clocks turn back this weekend in the UK and the daylight hours get shorter here are some essentials for running in the dark which will make sure you are seen and can see!

Reflective bib or vest


Proviz reflective vest perfect for running in the dark

Proviz REFLECT360 Running X-Vest – £24.99

A reflective bib or vest is much more versatile than having a reflective top or jacket as they are lightweight and easy to wear over any of your clothes. As a RunTogether run leader I was given a Proviz Reflect360 vest and I can confirm it is one of the best reflective vests out there. The mere hint of a car headlamp will instantly turn you into a bright beacon! It’s also very lightweight and comfortable to wear over.


LED Lenser Headtorch
LED Lenser H7R.2 headtorch – £55.55

A good head torch is a must for running in the dark, even when running in towns and cities as some streets can have very low level street lighting.
As I do a lot of my running off road and in villages with little or no street lamps it was recommended to me to look for a headtorch with at least 200 lumens brightness. The LED Lenser H7 fits that bill with brightness options that go from 200-300 lumens.

Shoe lights

Shoe lights
Lakeland shoe lights – £9.99

Some of my runners managed to buy shoe lights when they were on sale in Aldi last winter and I was quite impressed with how eye catching they are. They are best for on road running rather than off road where the uneven terrain may knock them off your feet. These ones from Lakeland (of all places!) are a good option.

Reflective leggings

Reflective leggings from M&S

Marks and Spencer reflective leggings – £29.50

Reflective leggings are great for anyone who wears leggings for running in the winter! I’m not talking about a reflective strip or two but leggings which have reflectiveness built into the pattern.
These ones from Marks and Spencer’s haven’t been photographed very well but the legs are covered in a spotty reflective pattern which will make sure you are noticed!


Reflective headwear

Reflective ear warmer from Lululemon
Lululemon reflective ear warmer – £28

Running in the dark often means running in the cold so having something reflective that also keeps you warm is a bonus. I like headbands rather than hats as they keep my ears warm without getting over heated. This Lululemon reflective headband is a bit more expensive than I would usually pay but I love the fact it has a hole for your pony tail!

What do you wear so you can be seen in the dark?

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19 Responses to Be bright, be seen! 5 essentials for running in the dark

  1. I would like to get one of those reflective vests for running in the dark. I like to think that is my excuse for not getting up on these early cool mornings….haha.

    • I either have a pony tail or plaits when I’m running but sometimes headwear doesn’t sit right with a pony tail! I thought the pony tail hole was a good idea.

  2. Great ideas! I’m running more in the dark and got a head lamp but think I’m going to need to get some reflective gear as well so I’m more visible.

  3. It’s really been DARK in my hood this fall. Some of my jackets are reflective, but if I don’t wear one of those, I have a reflective belt I just hook on to me. There are so many reflective options these days!

  4. Seems like you are ready with your reflective gear. I make sure to always wear a headlamp and a vest. I have a great one from OIselle that I love.

  5. That headband is awesome!!!!! I vary what I wear (for reflective wear), but my favorite is probably my ViziBelt…it’s like a fuel belt (with narrow pockets) but lights up and blinks when turned on.

  6. Currently, I’m wearing an LED band around my neck. I have other lighted products I could wear, but traffic is very light when/where I run. I love the idea of the headband, tights, and lights for the shoes! Thanks for the tips.

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