Richmond Half Marathon week 1

Richmond Half Marathon week 1

Running Happy weekly round up

Week 1 of my half marathon training was all about getting back into the swing of things. I had planned 3 easy runs plus running with my Start to Run group and this is how it went.

Monday was an easy 3 miles, which was actually 3.45 miles as my Garmin didn’t connect before I started running. It had been raining so was rather wet under foot but was a good run.

Tuesday I did a 30 minute yoga session. It was a new to me session on the Yoga Studio app and had new poses like lizard and fish which I found really hard. @DavidRVise suggested I use a yoga block to support my head so I might look into that, or a DIY alternative like a box with a cushion on top.

Wednesday was another easy 3 miles. I ran this slightly faster than Monday, probably because it was dry and I was listening to music.

On Thursday, especially for the first night of my Start to Run course, it snowed! And I got stuck in very slow snow traffic which meant my intention of getting there nice and early got scuppered and I arrived at the meeting point just as the first people got there. Really not what I like to do when I’m leading a group. But the snow and the 0 degrees C temperature didn’t put people off and everyone I was expecting turned up. Hoorah! We started off with 1 minute walk/run intervals and I think everyone was surprised how quickly the sessions went. And we covered 1.28 miles in total. A great start!

Friday was my rest day and Saturday was supposed to be my long run day but I had to do some chores which took a lot longer than I expected so no run for me.

So instead my long run was on a rainy Sunday morning with music for encouragement. I’ve not listened to music whilst running for ages and I’d forgot how much of a motivator it is on winter days when all you really want to do is stay indoors with a nice cup of tea. I was supposed to do 5 miles but ended up doing 4 as I didn’t want to run my longer muddier routes and was getting a bit overheated as I’d put too many layers on!

Sunday was supposed to be my strength workout day but I skipped it as I felt tired enough after my run. So I’ll be doing my strength workout earlier in the week in  the future to make sure it gets done.

Highlight of my playlist

This week’s top song is Please Don’t Touch by Motorhead and Girlschool. It came on my playlist just as I was starting to run up a longish hill on Sunday and really kept me going!

How was your week running? Do you have a top song of the week from your playlist?

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16 Responses to Richmond Half Marathon week 1

  1. I tend to listen to the same songs over and over, nothing new. But, I do enjoy running to music and have a lot of songs to choose from. I know you must be excited to be back at training for your next half marathon. I’m happy to hear the snow didn’t keep your group from showing up for their run! Thanks for linking, Nicola!

  2. I can not do any runs without my music or a podcast unless I am running with someone. I usually make a playlist and play it out so much until I download enough songs to make another playlist

    • I’d been listening to podcasts but just had stopped listening to music. I’ll have to make sure I keep adding songs to my playlist to make sure I don’t get bored!

  3. I have a wide variety of songs on my playlist. My newest addition is a song from a Fitbit commercial, of all things– it’s called No Sweat by Montolieu. I’ve also been enjoying Freedom by George Michael. What’s old is new again, right?

    • I’ve just got Spotify premium so I know I’ll be adding a lot of old music to my list.

      And if a song was made for Fitbit I imagine it’s got quite a good rhythm for running!

  4. I can not survive without music while running! That song is a good beat for a run 🙂
    I have to do the same thing and get a lifting session done early this week, I did light weight work but juggled things around and never made to the gym.
    Snow on week one of a group, that is starting off ntersting 🙂

    • I did my strength work yesterday so really made sure I got it out of the way.

      I really wasn’t sure how many people would be put off by the snow but I’m really glad they weren’t.

  5. That is dedication from your group with the snow and temps and sounds like yall are off to a great start! I assume most of these are new runners or ones getting back into running because of the name right?
    This would give me so much inspiration a group like this! Thanks Nicola for joining us

  6. Great everyone came even with the snow on your Start to Run program! My week went pretty good even with snowy conditions. I haven’t been running with music lately since it’s been so cold and I like to cover my ears. But I usually listen to music.

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