Richmond Half Marathon week 3

Richmond Half Marathon week 3

Running Happy weekly round up

After two foundation weeks making sure I got back into a regular running habit after Christmas this was the week that I started to add more speed and intervals workouts to my training plan, starting with hill repeats.

I was supposed to start off with an easy 4 mile run on Monday. It was another evening run for me and I ran what I thought was a very easy pace, so I was really surprised to see that I had accidentally ran a progression run of 10:51, 10:41, 10:04, 9:51. Now if I had actually set out to do that I know I would have found it hard! Something to remember next time I set out to do a progression run.

Wednesday I managed to get out at lunchtime and do my hill repeats in the daytime. Well, a very misty daytime but still better than a misty evening!

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I was down for a warm up mile followed by hill repeats and a mile cool down. I’d set out to do 4 runs up the hill and a jog down but after the 4 runs I felt I had another one in me so went for a fifth.

Thursday was week 3 of my Start to Run group and we were down to do four repeats of 4 minute run with a minute walking. Some of the runners had found the homework of 3min/1min hard going and weren’t sure if they were ready to go up to 4 minutes yet. So we agreed we’d start off with 4min/1min and see how everyone felt. I’m pleased to say that everyone wanted to carry on with the 4/1 repeats. I really think running in a group helps, the distracting chatter, knowing that everyone else is doing the exact same run as you and not wanting to be the first person to stop all contributed to everyone finishing the run feeling happy.

Saturday I went for my long run, a 6 mile run off road. I should really be running mainly on road as the Richmond Half is a road race. However, I fancied getting muddy so headed out under the threat of rain!

fields with a dark skyline
A view of the fields with threatening skies

I really had fun on this run, even though at one point the mud had added an extra pound or two to my shoes.

Running down a muddy path

I realised on this run that I have a tendency to start walking a lot sooner than I should when I see a style or a gate. Obviously I have to slow down to climb over the style or open the gate but I stop running about 30m away at least. Which is okay when I’m on a leisurely run but not something I want to do when I’m in a race. So next time I’m off road I’ll be trying to run to the gate!

And to finish the week I did my strength work on Sunday followed by a bit of yoga for runners to stretch out everything.

How was your week? Did you get muddy, wet or snowed on?

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4 Responses to Richmond Half Marathon week 3

  1. Great week of workouts. It rained here one day last week so my run through the park was a bit sloppy the following day. I definitely had to clean of my shoes before my next run.

  2. I love your foggy pictures! I was a pretty gloomy week here. I find progression runs come naturally for me. I run in the morning and my first miles are my wake up miles. An extra pound or two of mud? I can’t imagine. I try and avoid the mud. Ha Ha. Thanks for linking, Nicola!

    • The foggy days can be really beautiful, if cold.

      I think I might have to try a morning progression run! I definitely need wake up miles in the morning.

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