Virtual Coaching and Training Plans

Here’s where Running Happy Virtual Coaching can help!

With a personalised training plan that works to your goals you will find yourself running faster and further than you thought possible. You will have the support of a qualified running coach who gets why you run without having to explain anything. Running Happy Virtual Coaching is fully personalised to you, your goals and your experience, no off the shelf plans here.

Just Imagine…

Crossing over the finish line of your first race happy with all you have achieved

Being able to run through the cold winter months with your motivation at an all time high

The fantastic feeling after months of specific and personal training to finally achieve that sub-3.30 marathon

Enjoying every run you do knowing that each one is getting you to your goal!

With Running Happy Virtual Coaching you have a cheer team who will always support you and keep you accountable.

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Running Happy Virtual Coaching Packages

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