Weekly Round Up: Sunny running

Weekly Round Up: Sunny running

Running Happy weekly round up

This week on my training plan was down as an easy one, a little bit of slowing down to allow time for recovery, and as this weekend is a bank holiday and I had social plans I deviated from my routine a smidge.

When starting a new training plan it’s always good to look at what commitments you might have over the period. It’s no good planning to do a long run or have a hard training week at the same time you’re travelling, at a wedding, have a work deadline, being visited by all your family. If you can’t fit in all the sessions it will only give you stress which you don’t want! It’s best to be realistic about what you can achieve, find ways to work around your life and adapt if neseccary.

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So as this weekend is a bank holiday and I had a friend visiting I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the same routine as I have been doing so I switched things around a little.

My long run this week was supposed to be 6 miles. As my Wednesday night club run is around 5 miles I decided that this would count as my long run. Yes, it’s a little shorter than planned but I wasn’t going to fret about that. As it was quite a warm day I planned a route that took us around the canal and woods as I thought it would be a little cooler.

What I forgot about were the hills involved to get there! So I had my group run up some steep hills in very muggy 28 degree heat. Oops. Still, the majority made it to the end with only three taking a short cut, and they all had smiles on their faces when we finished. Whether that was relief or not I’m not sure!

I had intended to do my speed session on Monday as usual but the foot which had been injured earlier this year was a little achey. I really don’t want a repeat of my injury so I switched my speedwork to Friday to give my foot enough rest. It also happened that I wasn’t working Friday so I would be able to do my speedwork mid morning, which is the best time for me. I had thought it might have to be a treadmill session at the gym as it had been so hot but the weather had cooled and I decided to just go outdoors.

Sunny fields on a run
In the sun on my run

I did a ‘flying 30s’ session on a 100m section of road which is always shady, after running a 2km warm up in the sun. Flying 30s are where you build up speed for 30m, run as fast as you can for 30m, and then slow down for 30m. It builds your alactic energy system which helps when you need to overtake someone in a race! I was really pleased with the session and did 3 x 3 repeats with a 3 minute rest in between.

A shady lane
A shady lane for ‘flying 30s’

My other run this week was to be a short and steady one so I decided to go to parkrun on Saturday morning for a 5km run. I wasn’t aiming for a PB so took it slow and steady and tried to keep a constant pace. The first km was a bit slow as I started too near the back but each kilometer for the the rest of the run was within 3 seconds of each other.

How has your week of running been? Do you ever think about planning your social life into your running plans?

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8 Responses to Weekly Round Up: Sunny running

    • I’d not heard of them until I started my coaching course. They are like strides except you hold your fastest speed for slightly longer than you do with strides. And they are fun!

  1. The shady lane where you ran your flying 30s looks lovely. That sounds like a fun and quick workout. I usually don’t have to modify my runs too much. If we have social plans, they are usually late on a weekend day and my runs are always very early. But, flexibility is very important because sometimes you get curve balls thrown at you! Thanks for linking, Nicola!

    • I should probably try running early in the morning again. I’ve tried it before but felt heavy and sluggish as if my muscles hadn’t worked up but it might be different now I’ve been running for a few years!

  2. Great week! There is more to life than just our training so I don’t think there is anything wrong with altering your plans when things come up. We have to have a social life too.

  3. Wow you are getting some heat there! I think it’s hot everywhere right now. I definitely have to train around family and social obligations and that’s just fine with me. Here we call those flying 30’s cruise intervals. I like flying 30’s better!

  4. My running schedule takes a backseat to all my traveling and other plans. I do get it done most of the time but the first thing I do is modify my runs. Sometimes I’m not sure I even had a real plan to begin with! Great job on switching things up and getting it done. Coming from US temps, I smile seeing a muggy 28 degrees written down. 🙂

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