Weekly Round Up: Strength for Runners week 4

Weekly Round Up: Strength for Runners week 4

Running Happy weekly round up

The start of the week was a little more relaxed then intended. I had Monday as a rest day and Tuesday as my first workout of the week but I had to do a few things after work on Tuesday and completely forgot to do it!

So Wednesday ended up being my first active day and that was something a little bit different. My club took part in an event called Run for the Somme to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Somme Offensive during World War 1. The whole club ran to the town’s cemetery where there are a number of graves of soldiers who died during World War 1. Those who wanted to placed a poppy on a grave and a poem of Remembrance was read out.

Runners at a cemetery for Run for the Somme
Looking at the graves after the poem had been read out.
Afterwards we split into our usual groups. My group headed back to the club house and ran just over 3 miles in total. Some of the faster runners ran to other nearby villages to visit the war graves there. I can’t find any information online about the event but I know a lot of clubs around the country took part.

Thursday was my work’s running club and it ended up being only two of us plus my dog who comes to work with me. We ran to the local rugby pitch again and we worked through some running drills to encourage lifting the legs and feet higher during running. My colleague then put it into practice with some laps of the pitch whilst I observed and gave her pointers.

I also did my first workout of the week from the Quick Strength for Runners book. It was hard work! There were some more advanced moves to do, a lot more press ups and some moves with a medicine ball. As I don’t have a ball I skipped those and just concentrated on everything else which was hard enough!

Friday I went for a short and rather chilly run after work. After doing my warm up and working through the same drills as the day before I then went on what I call my village boundary run, running the roads of the village for as long as there are street lights before heading back. It took me about 24 minutes to do all the roads and then I headed back in for a well deserved bowl of warming carrot and lentil soup.

On Saturday I went to the Urban Garden Show in London. Nothing to do with running but a lot of fun. I went to a talk about urban farming and growing vegetables deep underground, did a workshop making my own hand tied bouquet and making a macrame pot holder and ate a lot of food! The Show was aiming to present plants in a different way to the usual garden shows and this included the food which was all plant based.

Plants and cakes
Plants and cakes at the Urban Garden Show
I had thought that I would do a run plus my final workout of the week on Sunday but having been busy and on my feet for a lot of Saturday I was feeling a bit tired. As my training at the moment is to improve my running technique I decided not to run on tired legs and just do the workout. 

The workout was all on balance and I feel I am improving. I had to to one leg deadlifts again and they felt easier than before and that I was achieving more of the T shape needed for this move.

And my other news is that I’ve now got my online coaching packages listed, so if you are interested in having a virtual coach do pop over to my coaching page.

How was your week? Did you do anything a bit different this week?

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9 Responses to Weekly Round Up: Strength for Runners week 4

  1. Great week! Running drills are always challenging. But they do make a difference.That picture of the cake look delicious.

  2. Great job this week! I have Quick Strength for Runners and I used it while training for a marathon a few years ago. I should try some of those workouts again- its’ been a long time!

  3. Is that a pomegranate cake? It sure is lovely. That was a very nice way (and yes different too) to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers at the local cemetery. How nice you can take your dog to work! Thanks for linking, Nicola!

    • Yes it is. I really like pomegranates but they are so fiddly to eat.

      I wasn’t sure at first when the club said about the run but it was actually really nicely done.

  4. Wow look at that cake!!! I’d almost not want to eat it…. almost. 😉 I have brought my dog to work with me when the boss is away. Every once in awhile I’ll have him clipped and groomed and have to pick him up before I get off. He then stays with me. He’s really good and such a great watch dog when I’m alone.

    • I didn’t eat it, mainly because I would have taken the first slice and the chocolate cup cake swayed me!

      It’s great being able to bring my dog to work with me. He gets a lot of fuss from everyone who comes into my office.

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